Vega Manila Crewmanagement Inc Family Day 2022 - Audio Video Presentation (AVP).




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Vega Manila Crewmanagement Inc Family Day 2022 - Pictures Videos Messages from Crewmembers On Board.




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Wanted following positions for BUNKER BARGE:

Master, Chief Officer, Marine Engineer for bunker barge with license for engines 1200+ kw, Cook, Bosun, Fitter, Oiler

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The management of Vega Manila Crewmanagement, Inc. encourages all crewmembers to avail themselves of the government's COVID-19 vaccination program immediately.

All joining crewmembers must be fully vaccinated prior to their deployment. Crewmembers must contact their Local Government Units (LGUs) regarding the process of vaccination.

For questions and inquiries, you may contact Vega Manila office.

Vega Manila celebrates 13th Anniversary and Family Day 2019.

Vega Manila Crewmanagement, Inc. holds once again this Christmas season its Medical, Dental, and Outreach Programs.