Scholarship Program

VEGA MANILA CREWMANAGEMENT, INC. has collaborated and tapped the excellence of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University in its Cadet Scholarship Program.

The objective of this program is to establish a pool of intelligent, healthy and well-trained upcoming Marine Officers. These Vega Cadets has the potentials to be utilized as the backbone of VMCI manpower and to sustain the growth of its principal/owners.

Cadets Scholars are rigidly selected among the JBLFMU pre-qualified applicants, with preference to poor and deserving midshipmen. The program allows the Scholars to have three (3) straight years of studies ashore and one (1) year of cadetship (laboratory) aboard our manned vessels. Immediately, upon obtaining their Bachelors Degree, Cadet Scholars will take the licensure exam for their competency requirement – and to commence a fulfilling career at sea.

Vega Manila CrewManagement Inc.