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Cadet Cres Jacinth Eguilos

Good day Sir,

Sir I am very grateful to receive your e-mail. I know you are very busy there on your work, but you still remember to welcome me. Thank you very much sir. I am very ok here Sir. And they welcome us very much here sir together with my partner deck Cadet Catalan.  Actually sir I am only 20 days here on board. It’s because we postpone many times to join the ship because of the long strike of the stevedores in Algeria.

The machinery here sir were very advance compared to what we have studied in our school. But I also have knowledge in the principle and other things about it. I know as time goes by I can learn also everything. In my vacant time I also read the manuals so that I can improve my knowledge about it. I have a very kind crew mate here Sir. 

They always teach me of the things that I need to learn. The procedures, styles and the easy way to do something. On my duty I go with the 2nd engineer and also assist with the other rating in doing maintenance on board. At noon I am the one who take the reading of the temperatures, pressures and running hours of the machinery in the engine room.  And also writing in it in the engine logbook.

When I have nothing to do, I trace the piping system on board to know the flow and cycle of it. On our first voyage I can hardly sleep because of the vibration of the engine. But it is better now sir. I have adjusted already. I have a happy life here sir. And I know I will have a very good experience here Sir.  And I can learn a lot of things here to become a future chief engineer of Vega Company.

God bless you always sir.


Cadet Cres Jacinth Eguilos

Sunday, 08 November 2009

D/C Catalan, Vincent Louie L.

Good Day Sir;

Sir I am so glad to receive an email from you. Although you're so busy of your work, but still you gave time to greet me. I am so very thankful Sir.  I was onboard last June 25, 2009 in Vega Mercury. We join in the port of Alger together with Capt. Diana, C/E Alipat, 2/E Occe├▒a, Elect. Francisco, and with my co-engine cadet Eguilos. During onboard, all the crew welcomes me with grate respect especially the deck crew. They treated me here as their younger brother.

As a first timer here onboard, its hard for me to cope with, and also its hard for me to adjust because I’ve meet new surroundings. But still, they help me to this problem, and I am very thankful to have crew like them. They correct my wrongs things done here into right, they teach me to do well my responsibilities especially the "safety first" policy onboard. Regarding with my work onboard, I was able to keep the gangway safe as a guard 0400H-0800H and 1600H-2000H on the port, and at the same time I have my duty on the bridge with my Chief Officer during underway, and my chief mate teaches  me a lot of thing especially introducing the equipment here onboard, how to launch and recover the life raft, rescue boat and lifeboat, teaches me how to do ballast and deballast, to plot on the chart, how to drive the helm and a lot more.  

After my duty 0800H, I was with my 3rd officer until 1000H, he teach me the things to be done especially during loading and discharging operation. And 2nd mate also teach me to do the correction and introduce also some parts here on the bridge. And with the other crew like the Bosun, A/B and O/S they also teach me the work on deck. As well as my Capt. here, he gave me the best discipline, and introduces also some things onboard especially during underway.

As time passes, I know there will be a lot of things to be done and I know within my capabilities that I will do that into the right manner with the help of my officers and other crew. And I hope that I will learn many things here onboard in this 12months contract. I’m so very thankful to be part of this family, VEGA MANILA.

I promise to do all my responsibilities and serve all the best I can. The things I have learned here will help me to be the future Master someday. These are my 20days experience onboard the vessel.

Thank you so much Sir. God Bless!

Respectfully yours,

D/C Catalan, Vincent Louie L.

Sunday, 08 November 2009

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